Los Angeles city leaders have spent months discussing the best strategy for assessing the condition of thousands of miles of broken and buckled sidewalks. With the total cost of repairs expected to reach $1.5 billion, officials warn an exhaustive survey of the damage could take three years to complete and cost more than $10 million.

Readers can submit reports to the Times' own database of damaged sidewalks by snapping a picture and uploading it to our online form, sending an email to latimessidewalks@gmail.com with the photo as an attachment, or tweeting a photo with the address using the hashtag #lasidewalks.

If you send an email, please let us know the approximate address of the damage in the subject line, and describe the problem in the body of the message.


Broken Sidewalks: 1789 Alvira st. Los Angeles, CA 90035

23:38 Oct 11 2012 1789 Alvira St, Los Angeles, CA 90035, USA

The sidewalk in front of my house is broken and being lifted up due to tree roots growing underneath. As the the tree grows the sidewalk breaks and is being lifted more
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Dangerous sidewalk on Airdrome avenue between Crescent Heights and Stearns in Los Angles, 90035

08:51 Nov 17, 2012

Airdrome St, Los Angeles, CA 90035, USA, 0.21 Kms

1600 block of Point View Street 90035

08:46 Nov 17, 2012

1600 S Point View St, Los Angeles, CA 90035, USA, 0.38 Kms

Broken Sidewalk/ People getting injured

23:46 Oct 04, 2012

Cattaraugaus Ave. Between Shenandoah and Reynier, in front the apartment complex, 0.95 Kms

Crescent Heights & W. Olympic Blvd.

14:55 Oct 12, 2012

W Olympic Blvd & S Crescent Heights Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA, 1.05 Kms

1 house east of Stearns on W. Olympic, south side

14:57 Oct 12, 2012

W Olympic Blvd & Stearns Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA, 1.07 Kms